Roswell Athletic Hall Of Fame

Basketball Letterman



Inaugural Class of 2013


                                                    Roger Hopkins               1951

                                     Bobbe Walls Phillips      1953

                                     Earl Matthews                1954

                                     Jerry Wilcoxon               1956

                                     David Sullivan                1957

                                     James Thomas               1968

                                     Ricky Boedy                   1970

                                     Jeff Bower                      1971

                                     L.M. "Monk" Jones         1971

                                     Bruce Stewart                1971

                                     Mike Ramsey                  1972

                                     Tony Phillips                   1977

                                     Lisa Parker Clock            1980

                                     Alec Kessler                    1985

                                     Tony Skole                      1987

                                     Jan Riddle                       1989

                                     Jermaine Phillips            1997

                                     Chris Reis                        2002


   A true who's who of Hornet Athletics, the inaugural class of inductees included 2 Super Bowl Champions, a World Series winner, an NBA top 12 draft pick, 2 former Division I head coaches, and numerous All-Americans.  Among the 25 former student-athletes inducted, 18 played basketball for Roswell.  Inductees are permanently honored in the gym lobby in the Roswell Athletic Hall of Fame Display.  Every inductee was in attendance or represented posthumous.


Class of 2014


                                                    Bart Campbell                    1974

                                     Leonard Phillips                 1975

                                     Lozzell Montgomery          1987

                                     Jennifer Montgomery        1989

                                     Monica Winter                    1993

                                     Elizabeth Noethling Spell  1994

                                     Scott Pohlman                    1997

                                     Coach Richard Smith         1961-1989

                                     Coach Fred Williams          1967-1981